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5 Things That Psychology Says Predicts Divorce

What really makes it more likely for a relationship to end. by Drake Baer, Senior writer at Thrive Global covering the brain and social sciences. Like the break-ups themselves, divorce rates are a complicated subject to study. Questions abound: Should we really want divorce rates to go down? Is it true that about half of […]

Divorced & Staying in the US

While it seems like a divorce may lead to a denied petition or even deportation, most foreign-born spouses going through the divorce process will be granted conditional permanent residence if they do not choose to withdraw their immigration application. How is this possible? By filing a waiver. If you were in the process of getting […]

Jose Reyes swings, misses when asked in court how many daughters he has

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – BY BRIAN NIEMIETZ; PHOTO BY DAVID WEXLER / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 9:36 PM Jose Reyes made an error on the stand Wednesday in a hearing over child support payments. During an appearance in Family Court in Westbury, L.I., when Reyes was asked how many daughters […]

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