Protecting Your Small Business in a Divorce

It happens more often than you think: An entrepreneur spends months or years creating a profitable small business, only for his or her marriage to fray and spouse file for divorce. In this scenario, how does the entrepreneur protect the small business from being taken by his or her spouse in the divorce or liquified […]

Getting an Uncontested Divorce in New York: You Should Still Hire an Attorney

An uncontested divorce is a good option for couples who wish to end their marriage quickly and without issues. Because an uncontested divorce requires that couples have no children, demand no alimony, come to terms on property distribution, and have no outstanding issues before filing the petition, many people believe that they do not need […]

What Happens to Property After Divorce?

If you and your spouse decide to file for divorce, one of the biggest tasks will be to distribute your property between you. Property consists of both assets and debts that existed prior to the marriage and were collected during the marriage. When and how property was used during the course of the marriage will […]

Seven Grounds for Divorce in New York Explained

New York requires that a person list grounds when filing for divorce in the state. There are seven listed grounds for filing for divorce, and depending on your case, you may be able to list one or more grounds when submitting your petition for divorce. Below is an explanation of each of the grounds for […]

Digital Defense For Divorce

You need to be protected on all fronts during a divorce case. Nowadays, this certainly includes a thorough digital defense. First, if you think anything on any of your devices can be used against you, then stop using the devices immediately, and copy specifically recognized user-created, uploaded or downloaded files to a removable drive. Next, […]


There are two major parts of custody in New York. I. Physical/Residential Custody: – who lives with the child on a day to day basis – who has a parenting time/visitation schedule with the child II. Legal Custody : This determines whether one or both parents have decision making authority over the major issues affecting […]


SUPPORT CALCULATIONS IN NY WHEN SOMEONE’S INCOME IS UNCLEAR  There are various calculations that a New York Court will use to determine how much child and or child support will be Ordered.  These calculations are pretty straightforward when the person who will be paying support has a typical job where they are issued pay-stubs and […]