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  • Howblogger laptop social media influencer e-business to tell people you are getting a divorce.
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  • Can I Still Receive Spousal Support if I Now Make More Money Than My Ex?
  • What to do if Your Ex Wants to Move Out of State With Your Children
  • What to Know if You are a Stay-at-Home Mom Contemplating Divorce

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How to Tell People You are Getting a Divorce

Once you have decided to file for divorce with your spouse, one of the more unexpected difficulties of the process can be figuring out how to tell others about the situation. People can feel a range of emotions at the thought of telling others, from sadness and anger to embarrassment and shame. However, you have […]

Why You Should Still Hire a Lawyer Even if You are Getting an Uncontested Divorce

Filing for an uncontested divorce is often the fastest and cheapest method of obtaining a divorce in New York. It is only available in certain situations when the couple qualifies and has no outstanding issues that must be resolved before submitting the divorce petition to the court. Many people think that they can file for […]

What is Mediation and is it Right for Me?

When most people think about the process of divorce, they picture the traditional litigated divorce process where both sides are at each other’s throats in court over every issue. However, more couples are turning to another option for settling their outstanding divorce issues in New York — mediation. Divorce mediation is a more amicable, less […]

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